Las Vegas Rental Investment Opportunities

Earn 10-15%++ NET return investing in single family homes, value-add apartments, and commercial real estate! Fonz

This is for the acquisition, remodel, and rental of homes in core central Las Vegas locations on the west side, primarily focused on the area bordered by the 95, rancho, Sahara, and Rainbow:

This is an actual property we own in Las Vegas. It is very typical of the type of properties our investors buy:



Amazing Properties

We have the luxury of representing some of the finest real estate properties on the west coast.

It would be our pleasure to help you achieve your dream to own one of these beautiful estates.

Superior Service

You are important to us! If you need anything at all in San Diego OR Las Vegas, please let us know!

We have an extensive network of business professionals and family services in a variety of fields. We are delighted to refer you to the very best.

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