I am pleased to offer private investment services to a close network of real estate investors. My personal experience in putting together large acquisitions, development, and assemblage deals as well as valuation and market expertise can be put to work to achieve a superior return on capital for you. I can also structure and manage deals for investors who don’t have time to self manage the property, but want to invest in real estate. With this approach, the savvy investor can diversify outside of their area of expertise, while working with a real estate expert from start to finish.

I accept investors who come to me through my network and through word of mouth referral. I would be happy to set up a confidential personal meeting, and determine your desires, time frame, risk tolerance, and the right opportunity for you to take advantage of the unique opportunity offered by today’s real estate market. Now is the time to buy, and both Las Vegas and San Diego have multiple opportunities for cash flow, and future appreciation for the well advised investor.

Amazing Properties

We have the luxury of representing some of the finest real estate properties on the west coast.

It would be our pleasure to help you achieve your dream to own one of these beautiful estates.

Superior Service

You are important to us! If you need anything at all in San Diego OR Las Vegas, please let us know!

We have an extensive network of business professionals and family services in a variety of fields. We are delighted to refer you to the very best.

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